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edoclink is an SAP NetWeaver® certified product

With SAP NetWeaver® technology platform certification, edoclink can offer all SAP clients a powerful, reliable, and secure content repository. Any organization using this leading ERP can save all SAP documents, like invoices, purchasing orders, order confirmation, attachments, etc., in edoclink,…

Link Consulting

Do cement or bytes mean the same for the Government?

It is an undeniable fact that the services are mostly supported by information systems. This trend, accelerated by the pandemic, has been registered for many years as a Government goal for the whole area of public services. It is also…

Public Transportation

Intuitive mobility

In the first decade of the century, Lisbon was an international leader in the dematerialization of ticketing in public passenger transport services. As it frequently happens in Portugal, many good things happen without being planned. INESC participated in some ticketing…

Atlas, Products

Fast prototyping for an augmented experience in early project phases

Allowing stakeholders to experiment a new system at the early stages of its development enables better communication and therefore minimize misunderstandings in the development team that are usually very costly to correct at the end of a project. When a…