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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Keep track of all your Organization cost structure from your Infrastructure assets up to your Business Layer.

Atlas has a set of instructions which can be used to make complex calculations and where the results can be adopted in complex analyses, such as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The configuration can consider the TCO calculation of IT in general or detailed for specific business solutions, considering the different type of costs (POEX/CAPEX, effort costs, licensing and infrastructure, where VMs, HW, network, space and/or cloud are included).

Costs include an automatic analysis of structure and costs partitioning between shared components, both at applicational and infrastructure levels.

By default the cost partitioning follows simple rules where the cost is divided equally. However, it is possible to change this behavior. For instance,  a configuration can be used stating  that 20% of a database server cost will be credited to a specific application and the remaining cost will be equally divided by the remaining application using that database.

Costs are loaded in files containing the contract and project values, supplying the applicational score cards, where their costs can be analyzed individually or aggregated.