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EAPY MDM is a multidomain Master Data Management and Reference Data Management solution simple to use and yet with powerful capabilities.

EAPY MDM offers an innovative approach and cutting edge technology to the management of your enterprise Master Data.

Starting your MDM Journey has never been so easy.

  • Flexible Multi Domain models. Take advantage of the EAPY Graph Data management capabilities to create flexible MDM models which can be easily extended;
  • A zero-code data driven front office engine generating web responsive user interfaces on the fly to manage your Master Data;
  • Easy configuration of powerful similarity searches and semantic policy rules, assures your “golden records” are accurate and trustworthy. Soon, machine learning algorithms will be available to help in deduplications and fuzzy matching;
  • Powerful data steward user interface provides the right environment for integrating and maintaining your master data with maximum efficiency;
  • Benefit from the extensive REST API and from the event driven publish subscribe API, even for the most demanding integration scenarios and throughput performance requirements.