R&D Projects

Research and development (R&D) are distinctive characteristics of Link’s DNA

At Link we allocate a considerable part of our budget to R&D. We have internal R&D teams, with R&D projects entirely developed internally, as well as cooperation with universities, research centers and even, in some cases, with our customers. Whenever appropriate, we participate in national and European Union R&D programs.

At Link, R&D is mainly focused on developing existing and new products and services, to stay on the front line of technology and to solve the most demanding requirements of our customers, which require a significant effort to incorporate innovation. R&D projects developed at Link, individually or in cooperation with the most advanced universities and research centers, are definitive contributions to the development of our solutions and to the definition of some of our working methodologies and frameworks.

Currently, we are involved in four main R&D projects, partially funded by the European Union: ETAP-Pro, Mobile Security Ticketing, IT-Atlas and Data-Sense.