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Link has a vast experience working with Telcos in Portugal, Latin America and  Africa, covering key IT domains such as Software Quality Assurance, Enterprise Architecture, Data & Analytics, and Middleware.

Telecom operators face major challenges in their business as their traditional revenue sources from voice and texting services drains away, and as they struggle to get a share of the emerging new services, such as online streaming, IoT, etc.

To succeed they need to be very effective in leveraging customer data, and be agile on adding new IT systems and application capabilities as required by the business.

Link has 20 years of experience working with Telecoms and Media and can help with following service solutions:

  • BigData, Machine Learning and Data Governance technical expertise and solutions;
  • Enterprise architecture solutions for applications portfolio management and for keeping systems under control;
  • Software Quality Assurance services, in particular software testing automation;
  • Agile Output Driven services based on low code platforms;
  • Middleware and API technical expertise and solutions.