Link has a vast experience working with Telcos in Portugal, Latin America and  Africa, covering key IT domains such as Software Quality Assurance, Enterprise Architecture, Data & Analytics, and Middleware.

Staying ahead of change: the challenge for Telcos

Link makes it easier to find the answers

In a world where telecommunications are central, operators face not only fierce competition, but also the challenges brought about by technology shifts.

As traditional revenue sources like voice and texting decline, they must grapple with capturing a share of emerging new services, such as online streaming or IoT.

Meanwhile, regulations become more complex, and concerns about cybersecurity grow. Balancing the response to increasingly demanding users with the pressure for more efficiency and lower costs is a daunting task.

Fortunately, Link makes it easier to find the answers.

Link is up to the task

For over 20 years, Link has supported the digital transformation of all kinds of organizations – including major telecom operators – in Portugal, Latin America, and Africa. It has the experience and reliability this sector demands.

Being deeply connected to the forefront of Portuguese universities, we continually invest in research and innovation. And our service portfolio has all the breadth required by a technology-driven industry.

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Awards & Certifications

The excellence of our work is certified by CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), a reference model in software development practices, developed by SEI (Software Engineering Institute). We are also a certified company in the area of Quality (ISO 9001), RDI – Research, Development and Innovation (NP 4457), Environment and Safety and Health at Work and an SME Excellence, which is on the list of the best 20 companies to work in the area of Information Technology.