We consider that the conjugation of Digital Economy with the increasingly offer of technologies and new businesses models on the Cloud are creating an exciting environment for partnerships with clients in search of new digital paradigm for their business.

The Financial Services IMPERATIVE

Digital Transformation is more than a project for financial institutions.
IT became a strategic imperative

  • Digital channels are now the primary channels in customer relations.
  • New regulatory and technological paradigms – Cloud, HyperAutomation, OpenBanking, … – have disruptive impact on business models.
  • Relations with customers and employees have new models and are fully remote.
  • Key processes in the value chain must be digitized and transformed correspondingly.
  • Governance of continuous transformation waves became crucial.

Link is a key partner for transformation… it’s in our DNA!

We combine the technological innovation of start-ups,

  • Passion for technology and an Innovation culture, with multiple R&D projects and contributions to PhDs and Master Thesis,
  • Investment in own IP for Products and Solutions,
  • Continuously updates on major open software foundations,

With the international experience of a technology consulting firm.

  • 20 years of know-how on understanding the client’s key problems and leveraging technology to create business value.
  • Running projects in 4 geographies: Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America.
  • Partnerships with best-of-breed vendors.

Public Sector

Link Consulting has a large experience implementing digital transformation and administrative modernization projects in the Portuguese Public Sector. We are committed to the implementation of advanced technologies and user-friendly solutions.

Nowadays, public service providers face major challenges: citizens are increasingly demanding when it comes to efficiency and quality, public management must be cost efficient and more work needs to be done with less cost and in a shorter time.

Since the beginning of its activity Link has consistently remained a strong player in this area by creating skills, offering a comprehensive range of services representing a unique consulting offer, and making Link a reference partner for the different public services, being recognized by its engagement in developing and implementing information systems able to dematerialize and digitally transform public sectors.


Link has a vast experience working with Telcos in Portugal, Latin America and  Africa, covering key IT domains such as Software Quality Assurance, Enterprise Architecture, Data & Analytics, and Middleware.

Telecom operators face major challenges in their business as their traditional revenue sources from voice and texting services drains away, and as they struggle to get a share of the emerging new services, such as online streaming, IoT, etc.

To succeed they need to be very effective in leveraging customer data, and be agile on adding new IT systems and application capabilities as required by the business.


Link has the expertise to help you leverage the big opportunities the digital revolution offers the utility companies on IT domains, such as: Enterprise Architecture, BigData, IoT, Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Robot Process Automation, and API management.

Incumbent utilities faces major business threats from entrants coming from the digital economy. But digitation and new information technologies are critical for improving their efficiency across the value chain, customer service and loyalty and ultimately, their competitive position.

Leveraging  physical asset data (production plants, distribution network, smart metering) and data generated by its customers is key to the strategy of a digital utility.

Urban Mobility

Link has a large experience  working with public Transportation enterprises and authorities in Portugal, Europe, Brazil and  Africa, providing consultancy and services on system design and implementation.

The Public transportation industry is changing, and new challenges for the transportation service providers and for the transportation authorities are emerging.

The focus of transportation providers is now mainly on service production while the commercial activities have been transferred to transportation authorities.

In this new framework of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) mobility services organization, the authorities are faced with the new challenge of implementing  Commercial business activities integrating a wider range of transportation and mobility-related services.