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GDPR Compliance starts with a robust approach to find, map and create a single source of reference for personal data across your organization

Datasense is a powerful, personal and sensitive data mapping platform based on advanced machine learning technology to find and map personal and sensitive data.

Its Machine Learning (ML) algorithms are able to find sensitive data in both unstructured data documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and structured data, such as Oracle databases, SQLServer databases, and MySQL databases.

An Insight into your Organization as never before

Since ML algorithms were already trained for Portuguese and English sensitive data, it can start delivering results from day one. But, since each organization has its own specific sensitive data, Datasense can be enriched to add particular sensitive or personal data such as Employee ID for instance.

Datasense has a modern web responsive interface to display and analyze the data mapping results.

Datasense data map results can also be integrated in your Data Governance tool of choice, and as a natural fit in a wider Data Governance initiative.


Datasense is based on cutting edge technology to provide a robust and high performant data discovery platform, including an ML engine.

Machine Learning Data Discovery Engine

Scan all your datasources

GDPR Data Discovery

Analytic dashboards and querying


A large Portuguese utility selected Datasense to search and map personal data in their file systems and databases, in the context of their GDPR compliance initiative.

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