Empower your businesses and unleash peak performance

edoclink V8, our cloud-based solution, with AI integration, is designed to turbocharge the intelligent management of all your business processes and information flows

edoclink V8 enables organisations to enhance all their business activities to the next level, providing smooth, integrated decision and information flows focused on efficiency and ease of use, while minimising any disruption to your organisation’s work processes and generating instant productivity gains!

edoclink V8, is not just another cloud-based SaaS solution. 

It’s a game-changer that revolutionises the intelligent management of your business and information flows.

Its embedded AI integration and automation capabilities turbocharge your business activities, setting it apart from the competition.

The intelligent management of your business!

edoclink V8 is a cloud-based, SAAS solution

Designed to turbocharge business activities. ​

The implementation of edoclink V8 is seamless

Ensuring minimal disruption to your workflows and instant productivity gains. ​The solution focuses on the simplicity of adoption and usage, with a seamless no code implementation.

edoclink V8 has cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities

Embedded at its core, allowing users to ask questions and receive intelligent answers from their documents, providing intelligent information extraction and inherent automation capabilities.

Advantages & Benefits

edoclink V8 is designed to be a performance powerhouse. ​ It aims to unlock the peak performance of organisations by providing efficient and effective management of business activities.

edoclink V8 provides a solution for the intelligent management of all relevant business processes and information workflows. ​ It offers features such as AI capabilities, automation, and intelligent information extraction to help streamline your workflows and improve your organisation’s efficiency.

edoclink V8 focuses on the simplicity of adoption and utilisation. ​ It offers a “no code” approach to the management of business activities, allowing for autonomy in the setup and utilisation of the product. Users can easily implement and use the solution without the need for extensive technical knowledge or lengthy setup processes. The self-managed use of the platform with full autonomy, can escalate and grow at your organisation’s rhythm, and according to your needs and priorities.

edoclink V8 combines AI with efficiency in the cloud. ​ It empowers businesses by providing a solution where AI meets efficiency, enabling organisations to streamline their processes and improve productivity, while optimising their resources usage and cost on a “use what you need” base.

A fully traceable, auditable and GDPR compliant solution, Its AI capabilities offer functionalities such as the automatic identification and cataloguing of personal data, and corresponding extraction and processing in legal compliance.

With more than 20 years of experience since the early start of edoclink V8 in document   management, our product continuously evolves to meet our clients’ needs.

 Today’s edoclink V8 it’s a different powerhouse, with intelligence, usability   and performance at its core. But the knowledge of our enthusiastic R&D team,   and the experience of more than 220 implementations and 90.000 daily users,  give us a   confidence in our product and a knowledge background, that it’s hard to imitate.

 And a unique empowerment to keep building the future of work.

Immediate productivity gains, sparking adherence and motivation in your team!

“This reassurance of a smooth transition will allow your team to focus on their tasks without any worries.“

“It’s a new frontier in your business activities management powered by cutting-edge AI capabilities. Its simplicity and optimal efficiency in the Cloud will drive your organisation’s work toward new performance levels.“

Core Features

Cloud-based SaaS Solution:

EDOCLINK V8 is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, with all the capabilities these type of solutions provide.​ This allows for easy and convenient access to the platform from anywhere, without the need for complex setup processes. 

No Code Adoption:

EDOCLINK V8 focuses on simplicity of adoption and utilisation. ​ It offers a “no code” approach to implementing and managing activities within the organisation. Users can set up and use the product without the need for coding or technical expertise.

Embedded AI Integration:

EDOCLINK V8 integrates artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities at its core. ​ Users can ask questions about their documents and receive instant, intelligent answers. ​ As it embedded throughout the solution, It provides automation capabilities, including intelligent information extraction and assistance in workflow management, enhancing a new way of work across your organisation. 


EDOCLINK V8 offers a sleek and best-in-class user experience and user interface (UX/UI), making it simple and intuitive to use. ​ This ensures a seamless adoption and utilisation process, minimising disruption to your organisation’s workflows and maximising productivity gains.

edoclink V8 is more than just a collection of advanced features.

It’s a user-friendly solution designed for easy adoption and usage.

Its streamlined implementation process ensures you can start benefiting from its features without any delay or disruption to your existing work processes.

“Its simplicity of use empowers your team to take control of your business activities confidently.“



Know more about EDOCLINK V8 – the ultimate solution for the intelligent management of all your relevant business activities!

See it to believe it.

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