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How it works

As more and more services are being transformed to a “self-service” pattern, there’s an increase in the need to assist users adopting these services, as some of them are not as intuitive as they should be.
But instead of using typical “help” features, digital assistants and chatbots use a type of interaction humans appreciate – typing – offering users a rich and engaging experience.

Our digital assistants leverage the power of the cloud to significantly reduce operating costs, while maintaining a 24×7 service. This is achieved through the use of serverless technology, where idle time is not charged.

Link Consulting uses the best-of-breed NPL/NLU engines for easy interpretation of what users are trying to achieve. But we also understand that the effectiveness of a digital assistant is not based on whether we use or not a state of the art NLP engine. Instead, we built a series of tools allowing organizations to take control of all the interaction chatbots have with users, with advanced analytics and real-time conversation control support, allowing backoffices to intervene in specific chats (conversation hand-over or hijack) and helping the user more efficiently. The results are a significant improvement in the user experience and satisfaction.

Simple Chatbots are old news. Step into the future with a Digital Assistant!

Link Consulting - Infographics - Chatbots


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