Financial Services have a greater sense of urgency to drive new growth opportunities and a more efficient operation model.

The ability to onboard new customers and order financial products in just a few clicks and at low-cost, available 24×7 at a global scale, fully secure and compliant.

Bank on Box offers the best value-for-money digital platform for Financial Services Institutions!

BankOnBox 4.0. Easy to use, fast to implement.

A plug-in solution with an immediate impact on your relationship with your customers.

In a post-pandemic world, many customers have used non-face-to-face contact points for the first time. Our plug-in no-code solution is the answer you need to accelerate the transformation of your digital channels.

In a short time, without high investment costs and focused on your customers’ experience. Don’t just stand there. Embrace the future of your channels today.

Online and mobile channels for the next generation

  • New generation App
  • Web solution
  • Out-of-the-box features for:
    • retail banking
    • investment products
    • corporate banking
  • CX centric solution focused on ease of use
  • Mobile-first philosophy

The “face” of your organization – entirely customized in a white label and cost-effective solution

  • Personalized look & feel
  • Out-of-the-box features with modular and customized choice
  • Flexible organization of menus
  • Customization of messages
  • App customized by user – favorites, favorite recipients, frequent operations, certification of beneficiaries,…

Technological developments, responding to the dynamism of your business

  • Digital onboarding and remote product selling with Video ID and Live ID
  • Strong authentication (SCA) with biometric authentication
    PSD2 compliant
  • Communication channel and transactional orders between the Financial Institution and the Client
  • Dynamic marketing content management

An agile and robust architecture in a plug-in model

  • Structured modular architecture with a plug-in logic
  • Resilience
  • Stage model of integration with core applications and adjusted to the API’s availability
  • Robust security, compliant with all market standards
  • Transaction auditing and back-office analytics

Those days where organizations would take months to implement and maintain complex channels solutions with high investment costs are over.


The agility of your channel solutions impacts your relationship with your customers and your organization’s own agility.

Easy to use, fast to implement.

This is what customers demand from their banks: availability, speed, and easiness. Of access and use.
And this is our promise to you: your digital channels behaving accordingly to what your customers expect from you.


Want to know more?

Get to know BankonBox 4.0.

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