Environment, Health and Safety & Sustainability (EHS)

For Organizations that Value People’s Safety, Communities and the Planet.

What it is

Our pre-configured modules with a FastStart implementation approach make it cost-effective to accelerate the digitalization of EHS&S processes

SAI360 solution for EHS was developed to help you create a proactive health and safety culture and ensure high environmental and sustainability standards. 


It is a fully integrated and proven solution that allows to automate the ESG/EHS process, supported by a state-of-the-art mobile interface and that monitors performance in real time.

It is invaluable in pursuing and achieving the objectives of Environment, Health and Safety and has been adopted by some of the largest companies in Europe and recognized by analysts.

SAI360 solution for EHS allows businesses to identify, manage, monitor and report on real-time risks, hazards and obligations. The modern user interface, native mobile app and powerful reporting capabilities will ensure that the benefits are recognized across all levels of the organization.

The Benefits

Built-in best practices and regulatory content

  • Built-in best practices from over 20 years of experience and customer feedback.
  • Integrated regulatory content with monitoring and enforcing capabilities takes the guesswork out of compliance.

Best-in-class mobile app, multiple possibilities to engage everyone

  • A single mobile app for all of your ESG & EHS needs. Simple to use, so you get maximum participation in all your ESG & EHS programs.
  • By enabling any processes to be mobile, you can manage tasks and access critical information out in the field.

Business intelligence with self-service data analytics and reporting

  • Use data to identify trends, gain oversight of what’s working, where improvement is needed and what high-impact actions are needed.
  • Empower key decision-makers with the information they need to mitigate risks.

Experienced global delivery teams

  • Leverage the deep industry experience of our grc risk advisory team to keep pace with today’s challenges and withstand any future business disruption.
  • Our 20+ years of experience helping organizations worldwide allows you to foster quick wins and resolve pain points.

Independent Research Firm Verdantix Names SAI360 Platform a 2023 Green Quadrant ‘Leader’


Creating a proactive safety culture, elevating environmental and sustainability performance, needs an effective EHS solution. Our fully integrated software solution automates your processes with minimal overhead and cost, so you can focus on making your operations sustainable and productive.



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