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Digital Transformation is more than a project for financial institutions. It became a strategic imperative!

For financial institutions, Digital Transformation is more than a project. It’s a strategic imperative

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Digital enables innovation, transforming how customers are engaged and served, while driving efficiency and reducing cost-to-income.

Stagnation has a huge price: losing competitiveness, or giving up ground to new players, with lighter structures or innovative business models.

Embracing change is inevitable. But how to do this without causing costs to skyrocket, and keeping the agility that such a competitive environment requires?

The imperative of engineering new foundations

Building modern foundations and reducing technical debt doesn’t mean you must overpay for change. New challenges ask for a new approach. That’s what Link offers you.

Instead of overpriced projects that reinvent the wheel, we give you more for less. With solutions like Bank on Box: the plugin, no-code platform that accelerates the transformation of your digital channels, improving your customer experience with less investment and less setup time.

Instead of roadmaps on a PowerPoint, with endless implementations and ever-increasing costs, tested solutions that will quickly improve your business.

Not to mention the skills of a whole senior team, with more than 20 years of experience in supporting financial institutions on several continents.

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Awards & Certifications

The excellence of our work is certified by CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), a reference model in software development practices, developed by SEI (Software Engineering Institute). We are also a certified company in the area of Quality (ISO 9001), RDI – Research, Development and Innovation (NP 4457), Environment and Safety and Health at Work and an SME Excellence, which is on the list of the best 20 companies to work in the area of Information Technology.