Urban Mobility

Link has a large experience working with public Transportation enterprises and authorities in Portugal, Europe, Brazil and  Africa, providing consultancy and services on system design and implementation.

The challenge: integrated mobility

Link makes it easier to find the answers

In any advanced society, urban mobility is one of those areas where every improvement can generate an enormous positive impact – be it on citizens’ quality of life, productivity, or the environment.

In those improvements, technology can take a crucial part. As long as we don’t forget that this is an increasingly complex field, with new transportation modes, new stakeholders, new users and needs. The challenge – but also the opportunity – is huge. What does it take to provide an answer?

The answer: Link’s integrated approach

With n experience of 20 years in the industry and a solid track record in various countries, Link is at ease both in setting up intermodal payment systems and in data processing and fleet management. From consultancy to implementation and maintenance, we assist transportation authorities and operators throughout their digital transformation.

But more than the breadth of our offer, what sets us apart is our integrated approach, where all factors are considered – from different user profiles to new payment methods, through the best match between software and hardware. From there, we design modular solutions, with the flexibility required by a complex context in constant evolution.

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Awards & Certifications

The excellence of our work is certified by CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), a reference model in software development practices, developed by SEI (Software Engineering Institute). We are also a certified company in the area of Quality (ISO 9001), RDI – Research, Development and Innovation (NP 4457), Environment and Safety and Health at Work and an SME Excellence, which is on the list of the best 20 companies to work in the area of Information Technology.