Digital Workplace

Managing information is a challenge?

This is where Link can help

What if, instead of nightmare, document and process management were an opportunity: the first step to the digital transformation of your organization?

For this, you only need the right tools. Like edoclink: Link’s no-code solution to dematerialize, automate, and integrate all your processes, from customer relations to back-office automation.

Easy to implement and use, edoclink seamlessly integrates with other business applications. And, being modular, it is scalable: it accompanies the growth of your organization, responding to needs as they arise.

The result: simpler information flows, fewer repetitive tasks, better internal and external collaboration. It’s digital transformation giving a productivity boost to your team.

Time to turn it into an opportunity

Building modern foundations and reducing technical debt doesn’t mean you must overpay for change. New challenges ask for a new approach. That’s what Link offers you.

Instead of overpriced projects that reinvent the wheel, we give you more for less. With solutions like Bank on Box: the plugin, no-code platform that accelerates the transformation of your digital channels, improving your customer experience with less investment and less setup time.

Instead of roadmaps on a PowerPoint, with endless implementations and ever-increasing costs, tested solutions that will quickly improve your business.

Not to mention the skills of a whole senior team, with more than 20 years of experience in supporting financial institutions on several continents.

What you can expect