Atlas is a tool focused on supporting change in organizations. It shows how the organization was in the past, is currently and will be in the future.

Future Organization changes are computed by the expected outcome of transformation initiatives (e.g. projects in a pipeline) enabling the visualization of change essential for planning and decision-making to better align IT evolution with business strategies.

Being able to see the architecture emerging from the ongoing project pipeline on a day-by-day basis is essential for planning and decision making of new transformation initiatives.

Knowledge Repository

Allows maintaining catalogs, processes, information, services, systems, and technologies architectures, as well as their multiple dependencies.

An Information Gatherer

Based on a pre-configured transformation engine that solves most frequent situations for collecting and uploading information

A Complex Dependency Viewer

Work with real-time and up-to-date architectural representations which are easily navigable not only between them, but also in time.

An Instrument for supporting decisions

Not only when designing future solutions, but also, when mitigating inherent impacts of each transformation initiative

Collaboration Tool

Communicate and share information between different people, but also departments inside the organization. 

Standardize architecture views depending on the stakeholder preferences, but also standardize how stakeholders communicate.

Atlas helps you align IT and business strategies.

Communicate and work with a variety of business and technology languages. With out-of-the-box support:

Visualize and model information in multiple ways, including industry standard notations, such as BPMN and ArchiMate.

Allows the modeling of processes and viewpoints through conventional standards, such as, BPMN and ArchiMate. Contains mechanisms to import external models and map mechanisms to transform all information contained in the mode to architectural elements in ATLAS.

List individual artifacts, and lay them on a timeline to show progression from an initial date to a data where all will be realized.

Enables the governance of the enterprise transformation initiative associated to a specific type of architecture elements, ranging from business related elements like projects & work packages to technology-oriented elements like system software releases.

All Architecture work have a time slider that allows the visualization on some point in time.

One can go from AS-WAS, to AS-IS, to TO-BE of the organization by simply moving the slider to the desired date. At each position of the time slider, the view shows the architecture elements in the state corresponding to that point in time.

Understand for all architecture elements, their components, and dependencies.

Enable your organization to understand for all architectural elements their components, dependencies, information flow, and how principles and guidelines govern their design and evolution over time.

Fully integrated in your browser.

Experience a no code language in any web browser to quickly create reports, analysis and architecture views that are generated automatically. So, there is no need to manually draw graphic models.

Documents are always-up-to date with the content of the repository.

An Atlas document is a regular document, allowing a user to insert custom text or images, but also, to insert all type of information contained in the repository (e.p views and queries). Guarantying that documents are always up-to-date with the information from the repository.

Multiple use cases across a diversified range of industries

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Government and Public Sector

Energy and Utilities

Technology, Media, and Telecom

Use Cases

Enterprise Architecture

An Insight into, past current and emerging architecture of your organization

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Hyper Automation

A Key to both digital operational excellence and operational resiliency for organizations

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Project Portfolio Management

Manage organization transformation and use your enterprise portfolios to drive strategy execution.

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Application Portfolio Management

Continuous management of the Application Portfolio, manage and understand how applications are key to your business strategy.

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Risk Secure

Comprehensive management of risk within your organization

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Project Management Server & DevOps Integration

Integrations guaranteeing that your repository has information up-to-date, allowing your organization to be responsive to the information change

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