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Process Factory

Process Factory A flexible model. Track changes! Optimize and streamline the entire flow automation process, reduce times and costs associated with its implementation.

What is Process Factory?

Process Factory is a concept created by Link Consulting that allows optimizing organizations’ digital process transformation, through the dematerialization of their procedures. It is intended to optimize and streamline the entire flow automation process, reduce times and costs associated with its implementation.

Process Factory

Dematerialize the processes in an easy and accompanied way, based on a complete process catalogue.

Track organizational changes and tailor the implementation process to your needs.

Define the priorities considering your strategy.

Continuous and functional deliveries for a phased and conscious dematerialization.

Govern your entire process architecture, planning consistently, predicting different scenarios and identifying future impacts.

Monitor the entire implementation process, measuring your performance using maps and track progress over time.

The factory concept is based on two main aspects:


Monitoring and Corrective Maintenance.


The transformation aspect introduces an iterative perspective and begins with the identification of requests for the implementation of processes within the different areas of the organization or with the evolution of processes already implemented. Requests for processes (new or change requests) are placed and managed directly on Atlas platform (an Enterprise architecture platform, developed by Link Consulting) and then analyzed, classified and inserted in the backlog.

After prioritizing, work packages are defined. As a result, the design phase begins and then the process implementation in the tool occurs. Link Consulting as developed its own workflow tool, with a “NO CODE” philosophy – edoclink (for further information on this please visit our page) but this process factory methodology can be applied to any workflow tool. Once implemented, tested, and accepted, the monitoring and handover phase of the work package sets in. Work packages can also contain change requests for processes already in production.


The monitoring and corrective maintenance aspect allow both the customer and Link consulting teams to control the status of orders, manage backlog as well as factory work packages.

Our experience implementing these types of processes allows us to have some of them ready-to-use



Started in 2019.

+ 35 processes in production.

+ 30 improvements implemented.


Started in 2020.

+ 25 processes ready to use.


Started in 2020.

ERP integrations to support factory processes.

The Process Factory has a dedicated team.

In terms of implementation, the team uses a methodology based on 2 main tools – edoclink and Atlas – both developed by Link:

  • Edoclink aims at implementing the business processes themselves;
  • Atlas being a business architecture tool, ensures the management, monitoring and control of requests for their implementation.

With this commitment, Link Consulting offers its customers an excellent service with an efficient and effective methodology.