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Consumer & Industrial Products

Consumer & Industrial Products, Industries

Urban Mobility

The Public transportation industry is changing, and new challenges for the transportation service providers and for the transportation authorities are emerging. The focus of transportation providers is now mainly on service production while the commercial activities have been transferred to...
Consumer & Industrial Products, Industries

Public Sector

Link Consulting has vast experience implementing digital transformation projects in the Public Sector and is committed to provide advanced technologies and user-friendly solutions. Nowadays, the Public Sector is facing major challenges, both at the central government level and also at...
Consumer & Industrial Products, Industries

Financial Services

Financial Institutions are rethinking the Customer Experience and Operations to drive Growth, Profitability and Agility. New technological and regulatory paradigms – Cloud, Data Analytics, AI, Biometrics, OpenBanking, … – became disruptive enablers for achieving those business drivers. Key processes in...
Consumer & Industrial Products, Industries


The Financial Services IMPERATIVE Digital Transformation is more than a project for financial institutions. IT became a strategic imperative Digital channels are now the primary channels in customer relations. New regulatory and technological paradigms – Cloud, HyperAutomation, OpenBanking, … –...