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Transforming clients’ businesses into digital organizations through innovative technologies and a commitment to create long-term value in meaningful partnerships with our customers.

Transforming businesses through digitalization was our vision from the very start and that was even embodied in our name: Link Consulting.


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Link Consulting

Link is one of the first IT services companies of Portugal and a prominent innovator, with a wide service portfolio including digital experience, leveraging data, intelligent automation, digital workspace and cloud transformation.

Our solid customer portfolio of over 350 clients stretches across financial services, utilities, and public administration. Our strategic partnerships with blue-chip clients showcase our capacity to provide services at the highest level.

The IT services sector continues to grow strongly due to the increasing importance of digital technologies, driven by the increasing complexity of information and data management and the need for more agility. Link boasts a long double-digit growth track record and recently the Henko Capital Partners, a Spanish private equity firm, has invested in the company to drive its international growth. Henko seeks to position Link as a leading player in the IT services field in Iberia, with a strong geographical footprint across Europe and key countries in Latin America and the Middle East.

Alongside supporting its growth plans by strategic acquisitions in Portugal, Spain and beyond, Link aims to be a prominent nearshoring provider by leveraging its experience and delivery capacity in Portugal and Brazil to offer services in Northern Europe and Middle East.