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About Link

Transforming clients’ businesses into digital organizations through innovative technologies and a commitment to create long-term value in meaningful partnerships with our customers.

Link was created in 2000 as a spin-off of INESC, the leading IT technology institute in the Lisboa area. Transforming businesses through digitalization was our vision from the very start and that was even embodied in our name: Link Consulting.

Link culture is passionately involved in Technology and Innovation and we conduct several R&D projects, some contributing to PhDs and Master Thesis.

Link’s culture is highly committed in offering our clients a high standard of services always trying to create value, understanding the client’s key problems, delivering on time, and improving the quality of our deliverables. After two decades, we are proud that most of our clients are recurrent and many are decade long collaborations.

Also from the beginning, we are highly interested in International collaborations with clients and partners and we have a long history of working in several countries mainly in EU, Brazil, Switzerland, Emirates, Cape Verde, Angola.

We strongly believe that our best asset is the quality of the professionals working in Link, so we strive to create a demanding but fairly open and non-hierarchical company culture, retaining key people and offering all employees the means to update and progress their technical and professional skills.

Our history in brief

The Aitec Group is the oldest technology based group in Portugal, developing its activity in various areas of information technology.

Technology activity areas which include systems integration, consulting in information technology and portals, fleet management, positioning solutions, mobile solutions and quality audit, with most of the customers coming from major Portuguese companies, with particular emphasis on the main telecom operators.

The Aitec Group performance line focuses on its focused growth in new opportunities that the development of Information Technologies and Communications in Portugal and in the world will cause, offering quality and innovation. Its structure should remain flexible and able to respond in advance to new changes and trends.

In 2000 the Aitec started a new cycle of evolution by refocusing its activity in a number of new investments and strategic partnerships which offer growth capacity, always focused around information technology and particularly around e-business.

The Aitec Group intends to develop a coherent strategy with the new challenges and opportunities, based on a vision of the future, dominated competence, leadership and coordination of the companies in synergy in order to maximize value creation for customers, shareholders, employees and partners.
The Aitec Group is since 1987 responsible in Portugal for the launch and follow-up of over 55 companies in the area of ​​information technology, electronics, services and Internet content, many of which now references in the national panorama, as the Link, beActive, the LINKCOM, Knowledge people, Novabase, IP Global, Sol-S, the Solsuni, Medidata, Megamédia, the Mind, the Mailtec, Octal, Tecmic and Bizdirect, to mention but a few.