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Experts in electric mobility and energy solutions.

An IT Consultancy company with a wealth of knowledge and experience on Energy Solutions.

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Organizations want to be a part of the energy transformation movement, focusing on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

And energy providers are the key players in thistransition, by building solutions, processes and channelsthat enable, improve and optimize the use of energy and grids.

Helping organizations in the adoption of electric mobilityfleets, quickly and cost-effective.

Helping energy providers with new solutions focused on gridaccess, flexibility and electric mobility management.

With a team of domain experts that are also highlyexperienced IT professionals.

Manage your electric mobility needs with a “plug-and-play” solution – EMMA

Energy will be the most important industry for years to come. Make sure your solutions are built and maintained not only by IT professionals, but by domain experts too.

That’s our promise!


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