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CMVM Hosts International Workshop ‘SupTech: Empowering Supervision’ Highlighting Technological Innovations

On February 26th and 27th, the CMVM (Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários) hosted an international workshop titled “SupTech: Empowering Supervision,” gathering financial supervisory authorities and leading technology providers. The event, part of CMVM’s Supertech Strategic Plan funded by the…

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Toward Technological Excellence: Starburst and Link Forge Strategic Partnership in Data Analytics Innovation

November 2023 – Starburst, the data lake analytics platform, and Link Consulting, a leading information technology consultancy, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to accelerate innovation and technological excellence in data lake analytics. This collaboration aims to provide businesses…

Leveraging Data

Data Security

Data security is essential for any organization that handles sensitive information. At its core, data security involves three key elements: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Confidentiality ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive data. Integrity ensures that the data is...
Leveraging Data

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies leverage modern computational resources, hardware, and software to simulate human intelligence processes. Some common AI applications include recommendation systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, gaming engines, and machine vision. AI can significantly reduce the time and...
Leveraging Data

Real-time Data

Real-time data has the potential to provide significant value to businesses. However, it also comes with an expiration date. If this data is not utilized within a certain timeframe, its value is lost, and the corresponding decision or action is...
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Advanced Analytics

We understand that advanced analytics is a critical component of a successful business strategy. By utilizing predictive modeling, machine learning algorithms, business process automation, and other statistical methods, our team of experts can help your organization analyze data from a...