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EAPY Modules

Extensive secure REST API

With EAPY you benefit from the extensive secure REST API and from the event driven publish subscribe capabilities to support the most demanding integration scenarios and throughput performance requirements. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT FEATURES

A zero-code data driven front office engine

Data Steward and Business Users interfaces are data driven (generated on the fly according to your data model), web responsive and easily configured to your data management requirements. No code development needed. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT FEATURES

Advanced business rules engine with AI

EAPY  business rules engine allows the configuration of advanced data integration and semantic data validation rules using Python scripting. No need to learn proprietary scripting languages or develop java code. ML algorithms will soon be added to increase deduplications and...

Graph Data Management Technology

Cutting edge graph data management technology EAPY  graph data management technology combines SQL and NoSQL data management capabilities for maximum performance, flexibility and scalability. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT FEATURES