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Big Data

BigData and Event Driven Solutions to power the Data Driven organization.

How it works

Do you need to get insights from large amounts of unused data?

We architect and implement Big Data solutions to ingest, store and process large amounts of structured and semi-structured data using Big Data frameworks, such as Hadoop and Spark, technologies on-site or as a managed service in the Cloud.

Do you want to take advantage of data events generated from your devices, your customer interactions and your customer usage of digital services?

We architect an implement event driven real time data pipelines to ingest, process, and apply machine learning models to large amounts of events, using high performant event processing and data streaming platforms, such as Apache Kafka and Apache Spark Streaming, on-site or using a managed service in the Cloud.

We are fluent in Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Azure HDInsight, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Bricks, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.

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