DevOps and Automated Software Development Lifecycle Management

Today’s businesses are changing fast. DevOps bring the necessary agility to organizations, so they can quickly respond to challenges and business needs. From code to production, using lightning fast, fully automated processes and tools, so that your organization is no longer disrupted, but is itself the disruptor.

How it works

The world is in an ever-increasing pace. Organizations need to keep up the pace, so they can deliver on customers’ expectations.

Businesses need to ideate, implement and deliver new products and services, with IT as a central pivot in this process, for which a great deal of agility is also needed.

Automating the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) helps with the agility and swiftness of the organization, in addition to increasing the quality of the actual systems developed.

This is achieved by the use of DevOps, a software engineering practice, which automates and monitors the entire SDLC, by using tools and processes which replace part of the human factor in the SDLC, automating it so it runs in a fraction of the time.

It is also a key factor in a cloud-native approach, as the automated provisioning of containers and pods are also commanded through these practices, ensuring a suitable environment management, and the operation is constantly monitored through the use of infrastructure and application monitoring tools.

Faster, more reliable and performant systems, all through automation, allowing your business to focus on what is important.

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