June, 2024

As the most widely used Link’s product, edoclink stands as the cornerstone of our expertise in document and process management. Throughout its history, it has continuously evolved, integrating the latest technological innovations and feedback from clients, perfectly embodying the company’s DNA to engineering next-gen technology solutions. Now, with the launch of edoclink v8, this platform takes another leap forward in a completely revamped, cloud-based and AI-powered version specifically designed to automate and turbocharge the intelligent management of all your business processes and information flows.

What’s behind this document and process management system?

In a digital era marked by constant change and unpredictability, it’s not enough to just work well. Organizations face the pressing need for solutions that streamline daily operations, optimize time management, enhance collaboration and allow them to:

  • Manage processes efficiently and intelligently
  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence to support daily tasks
  • Ensure interoperability between systems
  • Embrace mobility and remote/hybrid work models where critical information must be digital.

This is precisely the essence of edoclink. It serves as the intelligent manager for all business processes within an organization, whether internal or triggered externally by Apps or APIs, supported by simple or highly complex digital documents. edoclink offers an intuitive interface, allowing users to focus on value-added activities rather than repetitive or automatable ones. The system ensures that all procedural, authorization, security, and GDPR information is processed and recorded, supporting quality management and compliance.

The new AI-powered edoclink: built for enhanced productivity in the cloud

edoclink v8 marks a significant departure from its predecessor, offering a cloud-based approach that fosters the latest in Software as a Service (SaaS) technology. It grants easy and convenient access from anywhere without complex setup processes.

With edoclink v8 sleek and best-in-class user experience and user interface (UX/UI), you can expect immediate productivity gains, sparking adherence and motivation in your team. Its seamless implementation guarantees security and confidence in the transition, minimizing any disruption to the work processes.

This new version integrates cutting-edge AI capabilities, enabling users to ask questions about their documents and receive instant, intelligent answers. Its embedded AI automation capabilities also provide intelligent information extraction and help streamline and optimize your business workflows, enhancing a new way of work across your organization.

One of the standout features of edoclink v8 is its use of cutting-edge technology to elevate and accelerate document and process management tasks:



Integration with the ChatGPT API and natural language processing for voice recognition searches are just the beginning. edoclink v8 also integrates with DataSense for automatic GDPR classification, streamlining compliance processes effortlessly.

Upcoming features include AI-driven document classification, GDPR identification, and a co-pilot assistant to workflows, enhancing the automation and intelligence of document handling.


Autonomy and simplicity

The no-code philosophy behind edoclink ensures that it is easy to configure and use, regardless of the technical expertise. This approach not only speeds up deployment but also significantly reduces the costs and complexities associated with traditional document and process management systems. With edoclink, organizations can transform their workflows into fully digital, automated processes without any coding required. The platform can scale and grow according to each goal and priorities.

Flexibility at its core

Flexibility is the basis of edoclink, reflected in every aspect of its implementation and use. Whether it’s adapting to the pace of your organization’s transformation, integrating seamlessly with existing applications, or accommodating the dynamic nature of your document and process management needs, edoclink v8 is intended to be as flexible as your organization requires.

In short, edoclinck v8 is set to empower every organization with peak performance, simplicity of use, and the benefits of an embedded AI integration, in a fully compliant, intelligent, and efficient SaaS solution. See it in action by asking for a personalized demo, and propel your digital transformation to new heights.