June, 2024

Link Consulting, a leader in digital transformation, and MongoDB, the world’s most popular document database, have joined forces in a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the way businesses approach legacy Application Modernization. As the first MongoDB Premier Partner in Portugal, Link brings unparalleled data architecture expertise and exclusive resources to help clients innovate and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

A Commitment to Excellence

Link Consulting has already achieved a remarkable milestone by earning 30 MongoDB certifications. This accomplishment underscores Link’s investment on its team qualification to provide top-notch Application Modernization solutions and services to its clients.

The challenge of legacy Application Modernization

Many businesses grapple with the complexities of modernizing their legacy applications – often locked in hundreds of silos and stuck in systems unable to serve new workloads or access patterns. These outdated structures make it extremely difficult to meet evolving demands. Simply moving them to the cloud or upgrading hardware might offer minor performance improvements, but it fails to address the fundamental issues. True modernization involves rethinking and reengineering the entire application portfolio to leverage the latest tech advancements. This is where the partnership between Link and MongoDB comes into play, offering a fast, comprehensive, efficient and secure process.

The power of MongoDB

With almost 50k customers worldwide, MongoDB is a flexible and high-performance NoSQL database platform ideal for driving innovation. It enables to build new functionalities 3-5 times faster, scale to millions of users globally, and cut costs by 70% or more. The key benefits of using MongoDB for legacy Application Modernization are clear:

  • Agility and speed: MongoDB’s document-based data model allows for faster development and iteration, enabling businesses to deploy features and applications significantly quicker. Link Consulting’s expertise ensures that these implementations are smooth and effective, aligning with the specific needs of each client.
  • Scalability and performance: MongoDB’s distributed architecture ensures high availability and scalability, making it possible for applications to handle millions of users seamlessly even during peak demand periods. This scalability is critical for businesses looking to expand their digital presence and improve user experiences.
  • Cost efficiency: By modernizing with MongoDB, businesses can reduce their operational costs significantly. The flexibility of MongoDB’s platform, combined with the strategic guidance from Link Consulting, ensures that clients can optimize their infrastructure and reduce unnecessary expenses.
  • Cloud compatibility: MongoDB supports leading cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, offering clients freedom of choice.

A Comprehensive solution

The collaboration between Link Consulting and MongoDB offers a holistic solution for legacy Application Modernization:

  • People – Advisory consulting; program governance; and application lifecycle expertise.
  • Process – Inventory and characterization of application portfolios; definition of project scope and execution; and design, implementation, validation, and optimization
  • Platform Technology – Document data model to accelerate productivity; distributed systems design to scale always-on applications; and freedom to run anywhere.

Combining Link Consulting’s deep industry knowledge and digital transformation experience with MongoDB’s cutting-edge technology, clients can achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

“In an era where digital transformation is critical to not be left behind, this partnership positions Link Consulting and MongoDB as key players in driving technological advancement in Portugal and beyond. By leveraging MongoDB’s robust database platform, Link empowers businesses to overcome legacy system challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation,” highlights Carlos Teixeira Account Manager at Link Consulting.


For more information on how Link Consulting and MongoDB can help your business navigate the complexities of modern technology landscapes, contact us today.