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EAPY for GDPR is your Personal Data Inventory and GDPR Compliance tool easy to use and to adapt to your specific requirements. It’s about agility and flexibility in GDPR compliance management. Know your Personal Data, have GDPR compliance under Control....

EAPY Data Governance

EAPY Data Gov is your starting point to easily manage your metadata, your business glossary and your data lineage in an integrated way. It’s about agility and flexibility in Data Governance. Know your Data, Understand your Data, Trust your Data!...


EAPY MDM is a multidomain Master Data Management and Reference Data Management solution simple to use and yet with powerful capabilities. EAPY MDM offers an innovative approach and cutting edge technology to the management of your enterprise Master Data. Starting...
Datasense, Projects, Solutions


Datasense is a powerful, personal and sensitive data mapping platform based on advanced machine learning technology to find and map personal and sensitive data. Its Machine Learning (ML) algorithms are able to find sensitive data in both unstructured data documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and structured data, such as Oracle databases, SQLServer databases, and MySQL databases.

Atlas, Projects, Solutions


Atlas is an instrument to deal with the complexity inherent to the transformation of organizations. It shows not only the organization current architecture but also the future ones, as one moves the time bar forward. Future architecture´s states are computed on a day-by-day basis by consolidating the expected outcome of each project in the pipeline, both on-going and planed. Being able to see the architecture emerging from the ongoing project pipeline on a day-by-day basis is essential for planning and decision making of new transformation initiatives.

Smart ticketing, Solutions

Smart Ticketing

Smart Ticketing is a multichannel ticketing solution, to implement mobility services, integrating different operators and transportation modes.

Smart ticketing is a software product targeted for the implementation of integrated mobility networks. This solution supports the collaboration of different transport operators and contract usage models, enabling integration between traditional and complementary mobility services.

Designed from the ground up as an online system, it is ready to support the consolidation of a common infrastructure – the card-based and server-based usage model – allowing both usage models to coexist and process the same commercial products.

EAPY MDM & Data Gov, Projects, Solutions, What We Do

EAPY MDM & Data Gov

EAPY is an integrated Master Data Management & Data Governance cloud platform that excels in agility, flexibility and user experience. With EAPY it’s easy to jump start your MDM & Data Governance programs to quickly deliver value to the key data stakeholders and then incrementally develop your MDM & Data Governance capabilities by applying Agile methodologies.