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PTMS is a web application that provides full coverage to the patient transport process in National HealthCare System, from the medical prescription, to the accounting of the transport.

Goals The process is initiated with a medical prescription requiring a transport for a given patient. That prescription is approved, and it’s approval will either create a new transport group for that patient, or it will place the patient in…

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Atlas Release

In June, the launch of the Atlas was held in Lisbon and Leiria for some guests. It was possible in this event to present the new functionalities of the product and how these allow to facilitate the construction maintenance of...

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

End-to-end Analytic Solutions for faster and better business decisions Edoclink Capture module, integrated with Kofax software, allows the dematerialization, processing and registration of all documents received, as well as the definition of different typologies of document capture with the implementation...

GDPR Data Discovery

It was developed with GDPR in mind, so you can distinguish betweenPersonal Information and sensitive data. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT FEATURES

Machine Learning Data Discovery Engine

Rediscovery Machine Learning (ML) algorithms are based on a combination of Natural Language Processing techniques , such as  Named-Entity recognition (NER) and Dictionary Based Search. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT FEATURES

Extensive secure REST API

With EAPY you benefit from the extensive secure REST API and from the event driven publish subscribe capabilities to support the most demanding integration scenarios and throughput performance requirements. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT FEATURES