To respond to the dynamics and new needs of organizations, Link Consulting invests in the constant evolution of its products and solutions, allocating dedicated and specialized teams.


In this context and considering Link’s strategic focus in the area of ​​Digital Urbanism, e-Urban Solution V2.0 was launched in August 2020, which provides a significant set of functional improvements, essentially aim to optimize and facilitate the tasks of users.


The new features include:

  • Be able to handle an unlimited number of flows;
  • Have dynamic stages in which variables are defined as part in Urbanism flows;
  • Data field aggregation (group additional data fields to be used together), to facilitate the cataloging of Urbanism processes;
  • Configure additional data fields as columns of results lists, in order to allow the users of different areas to view the information that is most relevant for the execution of their tasks;
  • Define a base group for user / group data fields;
  • Define stages that suspend deadlines calculation in Urbanism flows;
  • When returning a distribution, be able to repeat the defined flow, essential in approvals;
  • Type of alarm allows to send, suspend and return;
  • Alarm type “Forwarding” allows the option to choose the flow;
  • Export and import flows type between installations;
  • Add a new main entity to a register or process;
  • Reject flows based on alarms;
  • Configure alarms to notify (mail or internal notification) the owner, flow originator or dynamic intervener;
  • Configure rule actions that execute triggers;
  • Set the current date or time as the default value in date or time fields, respectively;
  • Associate knowledge to a stage of the flow path;
  • Have alarms for time measured in months and years;
  • Import a Case Tool configurations excel.