Hyper Automation

The totality of an enterprise’s automation efforts under one single umbrella.

How it works

Hyper Automation offers a business processes models automatic completion, systematically, so that models can describe far more situations with few extra managed complexity. Hyper Automation natively copes with change. It can accelerate the modelling and enhance the organisation’s complex business processes portfolio whenever any operational condition changes. It encompasses a two stages, firstly the business process discovery and secondly the business process enrichment. ATLAS from Link Consulting is the product that supports Hyper Automation, grounded on the new abilities offered by the business processes semantics theory.

Key to digital operational excellence and operational resiliency for organizations.

Enable organizations to digitize their documents/artifacts and ensure their business and IT process workflows are digital. Automate tasks, processes and orchestrate automation across a diversified range of functional areas.


Holistic Approach to Govern Automation.

Unify fragmented automation initiatives (such as RPA, low-code, APIs, data science and machine learning) into a common framework rather than allowing these technologies to remain in their own silos.  Use balanced scorecards to govern automation and provide visibility into its true impact.


Automation Opportunities Discover: Link Business Outcomes to the enterprise Automation.

Combining bottom-up with top-down approach allow us to map process tasks and fragments against the standard process model and show an integrated view of gaps and bottlenecks in the target model, making clear the relevancy of task automation opportunities at process level.

An umbrella to Link’s technical automation offerings

Process Factory, Atlas, eDocLink, and many Others…


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