Process Automation

Business Process Automation offers significant levels of operational efficiency and ways to measure and comply with SLAs. We provide a unique Process Factory offer, featuring a factory model which ensures top quality deliveries, for a very competitive investment.

How it works

Structured processes enforce compliance with rules and policies in force, enable end to end monitoring with defined SLAs and suitable accountability.

Ad-hoc processes offer more flexibility when the sequence of activities is not very well-defined, but it is still important to have traceability.

Case management introduces a more formal way for business users to make decisions through different phases based on semi-structured processes.

Management will find in all of them, suitable ways for benchmarking and improving productivity based on accurate execution performance and bottleneck analysis.

Automation is achieved by combining the suitable information – gathered through integration with multiple systems – with process rules, decision points, hierarchical decision and unified user interfaces which improve the user experience by making all information available in one single page and by supporting an adequate decision making.

Machine learning adds the ability to offer recommendations for decision making on the next best action.

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