BPM – Business Process Management

An Holistic View Across Business Process Lifecycle

What it is

Business Process Management is a key enabler of success and growth for organizations. By continuously improving and optimizing their processes, organizations can drive innovation, increase productivity, and remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment. Link Consulting provides a complete in-house solution supported by ATLAS (enterprise cartography solution), and edoclink (workflow solution) to manage business processes holistically.

The Benefits

Business Process Lifecycle Management

Business Process Lifecycle Management (BPLM) offers a systematic approach to managing and improving the processes that organizations use to produce goods and services. Our solutions cover the entire lifecycle including process identification, design, implementation, monitoring and improvement.

Business process architecture development, for continuous and standardized optimization

Business process architecture development for continuous and standardized optimization involves a systematic approach to designing, implementing, and managing business processes in a standardized way that supports the organization’s goals and objectives.

Hyper automation and collaborative Business Process Discovery and Enrichment

Hyper Automation offers a Business processes models automatic completion, systematically, so that models can describe far more situations with few extra managed complexity.

Hyper Automation natively copes with change. It can accelerate the modelling and enhance the organization’s complex business processes portfolio whenever any operational condition changes. It encompasses a two stages, firstly the business process discovery and secondly the business process enrichment.

An umbrella to Link’s technical BPM offerings.

Process Factory, Atlas, edoclink



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