Consultancy, Advisory and Innovation

Digital transformation brings a significant number of challenges to organizations. Specialized consultancy on process optimization, dematerialization and design thinking is part of the whole digital journey. Selecting the proper architecture, systems and technology, alongside proper governance procedures, sets the basis for required transformation every organization needs to make.

How it works

Our consultancy services target different aspects of a digital transformation process.

  • Process reengineering. Focusing on digital, optimizing, leveraging technology.
  • Technology adoption. Selecting the right architecture for the business needs, considering delivery time to market, TCO, flexibility and innovation potential.
  • Minimum viable products. Design and implement, within a short period of time, a proof of concept that goes into production. Innovate, test the result, scale, or go for the next best idea.
  • Innovation. Develop research programs involving the academic entities that bring innovation and address complex and disruptive technology challenges.

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