November 2023 – Starburst, the data lake analytics platform, and Link Consulting, a leading information technology consultancy, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to accelerate innovation and technological excellence in data lake analytics. This collaboration aims to provide businesses with the tools and capabilities needed to drive data analytics initiatives, regardless of their stage in the cloud journey.


Link, a leading provider of innovative data management solutions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Starburst, the Enterprise version of open source Trino, the world’s fastest distributed SQL query engine for Data Mesh and Virtualization.
This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the data management landscape, combining Link’s expertise in comprehensive Data & AI solutions with Starburst’s cutting-edge technology to empower organizations with unparalleled insights through fast access to distributed data.
The partnership aims to address the growing challenges faced by businesses in managing and analyzing vast amounts of data and their heterogeneity.
By combining Link’s expertise in Data & AI (Redglue) with Starburst’s technology, a seamless and powerful solution that accelerates cloud adoption and data democratization, especially for large and complex organizations, will be delivered.
Both Link and Starburst express their enthusiasm about this collaborative venture and its potential impact on the Data Mesh & Virtualization landscape. 

According to Luis Marques, head of Data & AI at Link: “Link is thrilled to join forces with Starburst to set new standards in Data Mesh & Virtualization by combining our expertise in comprehensive Data & AI with the unparalleled speed and efficiency of Starburst’s technology”.

About Starburst

For data-driven companies, Starburst offers a full-featured data lake analytics platform, built on open source Trino. Our platform includes the capabilities needed to discover, organize, and consume data without the need for time-consuming and costly migrations. We believe the lake should be the center of gravity, but support accessing data outside the lake when needed. With Starburst, teams can access more complete data, lower the cost of infrastructure, use the tools best suited to their specific needs, and avoid vendor lock-in. Trusted by companies like Comcast, Grubhub, and Priceline, Starburst helps companies make better decisions faster on all their data.

“We are delighted to welcome Link Red Glue as our very first Consulting Partner in Portugal. Link Red Glue’s domain and technical expertise will support the demand for Starburst in Portugal, ultimately helping more customers to make better decisions with fast access to all their data and accelerate their time to value.” by Toni Adams – Senior Vice President, Alliances

About Link:

Link is a leading information technology consulting company based in Portugal. With a strong focus on innovation, Link provides strategic advice and cutting-edge technology solutions to help organizations navigate digital transformation challenges and create long-term value in meaningful partnerships with our customers.

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This partnership between Starburst and Link Consulting represents an advancement in digital transformation and a commitment to the most innovative and efficient data analytics practices. Both companies are excited to join forces to develop innovative solutions and elevate excellence in analytical techniques.

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