The UDS Enterprise connection broker allows you to automatically and centrally deploy and manage the entire lifecycle of your Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications in a safe, fast and easy way. It also enables remote access to physical and virtual devices. Supports HA environments for Windows and Linux, and can be deployed on-premise or in any public, private or hybrid cloud. Users can access through a web browser anytime, from any place and device, including zero and thin clients. It’s a vendor-agnostic solution; software administrators can enable multiple hypervisors, authenticators, and connection protocols to run simultaneously. The platform is Open Source based 100% customizable both at an image and technical level, avoiding vendor lock-in. Without licenses, there are subscriptions based on the number of users, including an efficient, personalized support service and updates. The product roadmap is based on community requests.

“Cofaco Açores” is one of the companies that adopted this solution and is another success story and Case Study Open Virtualization Blog – Lower costs, better security and experience with UDS VDI (


“Thanks to UDS Enterprise, technology, and administration costs are reduced while enhancing security, backup, and user experience” by João Pinote “It manager Cofaco Açores”