Data Science

Data Science and Machine learning (ML) technology is widely available and easy to use. But the really value is only unleashed when ML models are integrated in business processes to extend human capabilities and automate real time decisions at customer touch points.

How it works

We are fluent in Machine Learning technology using supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, including natural language processing.

We have been successful in applying Artificial Intelligence in domains such as Fraud Detection, Customer Recommendations, Sensitive Data discovery for GDPR , and Fuzzy matching in Master Data Management.

To extract the maximum value of Machine Learning technology, we follow a three step approach:

  1. ML Solution Proof-Of-value to show the potential business value for specific business case;
  2. Proved ML Solution deployment to integrate the ML model in a business process and start extracting business benefits from it;
  3. ML Solution continuous delivery, using an Agile Methodology and DevOps, to quickly and effortless extend (more data, algorithm fine tuning and testing, etc.) and deploy the ML models in the production environment.


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