Master Data Management

Master data management enables organizations to provide a single version of truth for its most critical data assets, such as customers, products, suppliers, and different types of reference data.

How it works

Accurate and consistent master data and reference data is key to ensure the quality of analytic solutions, compliance with regulations such as GDPR, and streamlined business processes.

We have the expertise and the experience to deliver multidomain Master Data Management solutions in an agile approach, using our EAPY MDM platform (or your MDM tool of choice).


Master Data Management implementation key are:

Semi-automated cleaning and deduplication of Master Data, including the usage of machine learning for fuzzy matching.

Master Data Management processes and organization definition and implementation to ensure Master Data is kept accurate and consistent.

Implementation of a data integration layer to automatically integrate and reconcile master data provided by external systems, and to make reliable Master Data available to external parties using a publishing/subscription model.

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