Why is ESG important?

December, 2023 Environmental Sustainability: In the face of climate change, companies are prompted to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt truly sustainable practices not only out of environmental responsibility but also for economic and social prudence. Social Responsibility: Companies no longer have…

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Toward Technological Excellence: Starburst and Link Forge Strategic Partnership in Data Analytics Innovation

November- Starburst, the data lake analytics platform, and Link Consulting, a leading information technology consultancy, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to accelerate innovation and technological excellence in data lake analytics. This collaboration aims to provide businesses with the…

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Link Consulting and Signicat offer a legally binding identity verification solution to expand financial services in full compliance across Europe

July, 04, 2023 Financial institutions now have an effective solution to replace video conferencing during the process of identity verification while onboarding users, saving costs, increasing conversion rate, and improving the user experience. In contrast to video conferencing, asynchronous video…