April, 2024

The strategic collaboration between Starburst, a leading platform in data lake analytics, and Link Consulting, a renowned technology consulting firm, has positively impacted the landscape of data analytics and virtualization. This successful partnership is now celebrated after the success of an exclusive webinar, where experts shared valuable insights on how innovation can be achieved in data management.

Partnership Drives Innovation in Data Analytics and Virtualization
This new chapter in the partnership between Starburst and Link Consulting marks a significant shift in how organizations can access and utilize data for valuable insights. By combining Link’s expertise in Data & AI solutions with Starburst’s advanced technology, companies now have access to a powerful combination of knowledge and technology to drive innovation in their data analytics and virtualization initiatives.

Webinar: “Accelerating Data Access with Data Products and Data Virtualization”
The exclusive webinar, held previously, was a resounding success. It offered an in-depth look at the strategies and technologies driving innovation in data management. Participants had the opportunity to explore real-world use cases, learn from industry experts, and discover how the partnership between Starburst and Link Consulting is shaping the future of data analytics and virtualization.

Next Steps: Turning Insights into Action
With the established partnership and knowledge shared during the webinar, companies can turn insights into action. Link Consulting remains committed to providing expert support, while Starburst offers its robust platform to accelerate access to vital insights across all data.

About Link Consulting and Starburst
Link Consulting is a leading technology consulting firm, while Starburst is recognized for its advanced platform in data lake analytics. Together, these companies are redefining industry standards and empowering other organizations to reach new heights of innovation and excellence in data analytics.

The partnership between Starburst and Link Consulting continues to strengthen, paving the way for an exciting future filled with opportunities for innovation in data analytics and virtualization.

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