The Lisbon City Council (LCC) has started today, April 23rd, 2020, the first step to complete the dematerialization of its Urbanism processes, this implementation was made in partnership with Link Consulting and its solution e-Urban for urbanism management, which integrates the edoclink document management and workflow software and the OnlineDesk services portal.

The project covers the various phases of an urbanism project planning, starting with the online request submission and all related information made by the citizen or someone who represents it and finishing it with the issue permit, going through the automatic production of all decision support documentation during the evaluation process. The entire procedure is done in a dematerialized and automatic way, without the production or treatment of any document in paper format. The entire decision-making process is certified, in its various stages, using electronic signatures.

The complexity of implemented workflows and their extension are a prominent feature within a Urbanism dematerialization project, this factor gains special relevance due to the final number of users involved, more than 400 technicians, and the vast amount of workflows that will support the internal circulation processes.

Another project key area is the strict control of the execution deadlines for each one of the thousands of tasks to be performed within the scope of the urbanism processes dispatched in the LCC.

e-Urban solution will be completely integrated with the internal LCC information systems (ERP SAP, SIG, Loja Lisboa and Payment Platform) as well as with the external entities information systems, such as AMA, INE or DGAL.

Another great advantage of the solution is to allow the citizen, or those who have submitted a request, to consult their status and monitor their progress in the different phases, being able to interact with the portal.