“Let´s Link” is a program started in Brazil, focusing on new “mindset”, aligned with “digital era” practices. The program involves more than 200 employees, 40 are managers and team coordinators. All are fully involved with new management models and culture of the new generations.

Where to start? First step: “being agile, before doing agile”

Link was supported by a consulting firm in this first challenge. In three locations, 16 workshops were held to leverage the agile culture and mindset change of all employees. Managers and coordinators were also introduced to new management practices. #agilemindset #management3.0

After an engagement evaluation, a collection of games, tools and practices based on the Champfrogs Model [management 3.0] was applied dynamically and everyone had great learning with interactions and a lot of fun.

Next step: we have a long journey. The next step will be to build a continuous feedback culture. Others will be : co-creation of an “agile squad” to implement agile practices and a “comunication squad” for strengthening and facilitating communication along teams and management tiers.