Anywhere,at any given time, the access to company information has gained particularly importance in the context of the current pandemic. In this context, the dematerialization of processes is a fundamental component and an integral part of the digital transformation process, supporting  a situation of remote work.

Providing the organizations with tools to manage orders (internal or external) and processes in a totally dematerialized way, is now more urgent than ever.

To meet these needs, Link Consulting offers its workflow solution – edoclink Case Tool, available at on premises or on cloud, allowing a quick implementation of the process. The solution is fully customizable by a business user, through its back office (no code platform).

As an implementation methodology, Link Consulting offers two options:

  • Option 1: Service package for implementing 2 or more process, with know-how transferred to the organization
  • Option 2: Service package for implementing in the “Process Factory” model (implementation is Link Consulting’s responsibility):
    • Coverage of end2end processes
    • Agile delivery model
    • Development of process accelerators, such as RPA’s
    • Change management
    • “Process Factory” governance model
    • Metrics for measuring results

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