Soon, the new rules of the Banco Nacional de Angola for opening, moving, and closing bank accounts will come into effect. For banks, the changes to be implemented involve new technological systems or adaptation of existing systems to be able to respond. Still, everything will have to be done in a short period.

Link Consulting has developed edoclink, a document management and workflow solution that has proven to be well adapted to the financial sector, helping the Portuguese financial system to face similar regulations with ease and speed. edoclink allows business users to participate in the implementation process, streamlining the solution’s operationalization and reducing costs and dependencies on IT teams or external vendors.

The solution is easy to implement, intuitive, and capable of adapting to the reality of each bank, following a “no-code application” approach. edoclink not only responds to the challenges of the new regulatory framework but also turns these challenges into an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation.
Link Consulting will be available to show how edoclink can facilitate the adoption of new requirements imposed by regulatory issues, helping banks meet the BNA’s demands within the deadline and with ease.