TCB (Transportes Colectivos do Barreiro) is a municipal operator providing transportation services on the south margin of river Tagus integrated on the Lisbon interoperability region.  TCB launched a new ticketing solution based on link products allowing the redesign of the entire sales, validation and inspection systems.

The Go Live of this solution happened at the same time of the introduction of the new Navegante titles which  brought a major change on the tariff policy. Among other innovations, this solution has enabled TCBs to integrate the Zapping multimodal titles, thereby improving interoperability with the Lisbon transportation community. In the near future, the integration of TCBs with other municipal mobility services is also foreseen.

The TCB solution is the result of developments that Link has been developing in ticketing networks in some European countries, complemented by Link’s experience in developments for the VIVA network.


This solution used AEP ticketing onboard equipment, demonstrating the HW independence of the link ticketing solution.

With over 20 years of experience and constant development in the field of ticketing, and many relevant projects in the area, including the installation and major relevance in the city of Geneva in Switzerland, link has the resources and knowledge necessary for the development of modern solutions. with unique characteristics that set it apart in this market.