With SAP NetWeaver® technology platform certification, edoclink can offer all SAP clients a powerful, reliable, and secure content repository. Any organization using this leading ERP can save all SAP documents, like invoices, purchasing orders, order confirmation, attachments, etc., in edoclink, taking advantage of all its features that guarantee all documents lifecycle and long-term easy access.

edoclink is an integrated and highly customizable Document Management and Business Process Automation solution produced by Link Consulting that offers the complete dematerialization of administrative tasks as well as decision-making processes. It provides an easy-to-use web interface, available on any device, featuring a comprehensive solution crossing all activity sectors and organizations of all sizes, or it can be used as a black box to implement a secure and reliable document repository.

edoclink, Link’s Document Management, and Workflow product have achieved SAP-certified integration with the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform. The solution has been proven to integrate with SAP® solutions, providing an SAP ArchiveLink® documents repository for all SAP documents, like attachments, order confirmation, purchasing orders, etc.
Access to company documents and processes, anywhere, at any given time, has gained particular importance during the Covid-19 pandemic and is a mandatory feature for all Companies. Currently, when most employees work remotely, the dematerialization of processes is a fundamental component and an integral part of the digital transformation process, supporting their work. With edoclink, any company has access to a powerful solution to help in its digital transformation.

With edoclink acting as an SAP document repository, all SAP users can transparently access any document he needs, from the ERP interfaces, as long as access has been granted. In edoclink all information stored in its repositories is secure and only available to authenticated users, and all accesses done can be logged for future auditing purposes.

Users can have access to documents directly by being a member of the access list of each document or can have access indirectly because he participates as an intervenient in its approval or because the document belongs to a process aggregation that he has access to.

Using edoclink as a document repository allows SAP to have its documents transparently stored either in local repositories such as file systems or others or in Cloud Microsoft Azure or Google. Thus, edoclink is a good solution for all SAP customers who want to migrate to Cloud environments or who want to keep OnPrem systems and want to start evolving their storage to the Cloud.

Another advantage of using edoclink is the ease of controlling the lifecycle of documents, from their creation or capture to preservation or elimination when the deadline is reached. It is possible to configure a complete classification plan in edoclink, following the current regulations, and apply it to documents when they are inserted into the system or during their treatment. In this way, all the calculation of the deadlines of their lifecycle is done by edoclink based on their classifications, and the digital preservation or elimination procedures can then be triggered. Thus, edoclink acts not only as a repository of documents but also allows companies to comply with legal aspects more easily.

edoclink is also a facilitator of GDPR implementation. It allows, by configuration, to define categories of personal data, for each category to assign access lists as a way of restricting consultation, and, for audit purposes, to be able to record who accessed which document and when.
With this SAP certification, Link can now offer clients using SAP a solution for their document repository needs with one of the leading document management and workflow solutions in Portugal.

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