Triggered by the recent publication of new regulation (D.L. 65/2021) regarding cybersecurity practices and requirements, LINK developed a vertical evolution based on ATLAS, its Enterprise Architecture platform, addressing Cybersecurity needs and regulations.

Taking advantage of the existing capabilities of ATLAS to represent a complete view of any company’s architectures and “artifacts,” LINK implemented an integration engine with several opensource SW for infrastructure devices detection and monitoring, automatically feeding ATLAS with all the “physical” artifacts (devices) and their availabilities.

Moreover, and of the utmost relevance, the integration with vulnerabilities detection SW, allows institutions to adopt a truly preventive approach to cybersecurity risks, driving best-of-bread and tested solution recommendations.

This holistic view of risks incurred (those resulting from detected vulnerabilities) and the defined enterprise architectures allow to drive an impact propagation of these risks, from physical devices to the supported applications to the business services supported by those applications.

Based on each business service criticality, ATLAS can automatically classify risk severity, helping the cybersecurity responsible address the more critical risks first.

Arnaldo Moreira
Program Manager