June, 07, 2023

The Recovery and Resilience Plan brings a great opportunity for the country, but also a huge challenge – particularly for public entities. Ambitious, both in number and size of the projects, the PRR will call for a great capacity for coordination and planning from the agencies involved.

The bar is set high – but fortunately, there are technological tools that can be of great help. One of these is Atlas.

Link Consulting’s Business Architecture solution is designed to simplify even the most complex management. In the case of public entities, all activities within the scope of the PRR can be mapped, showing how they connect and how they align with the goals of the Plan.

Thanks to this integrated vision, planning and management are greatly simplified. Atlas makes resource and technology needs visible, mitigating risks and monitoring the progress of each initiative. It also ensures easier compliance with government laws or guidelines. As well as detecting conflicts or overlaps between projects and making the necessary adjustments.

Visual, user-friendly and configurable, Atlas is the must-have tool to handle the complexity of PRR. Ensuring that resources are used efficiently, transparently and seamlessly. And helping public entities to be up to the opportunity – and the challenge.

Want to know more in detail how Atlas can help managing PRR initiatives? Ask now for a demonstration.