This telecom operator has several digital channels for relationship with its customers, developed on the Android, IOS and Web platforms. The need for daily changes to the channels, due to the dynamism of the business, and the commitment to guarantee a perfect user experience, led the telecom operator to decide for the structuring of a specific area of ​​Digital Quality and to identify Link Consulting as a partner due to the know-how in processes for quality assurance in systems.

Link Consulting was responsible for designing, modeling and implementing an uninterrupted service, on a 24/7 basis, focused on ensuring a perfect experience for customers using the telecom operator’s digital channels.

The service designed and implemented by Link has the following key areas:

  • Governance: Responsible for identifying, on a daily basis, any changes in the systems that impact the behavior of the channels and user experience;
  • Reporting and Data Analysis: Responsible for generating information on operational data such as availability of channels for the user, failures and possible causes and monitoring of user comments in stores and social networks to measure user perception. This information, in the form of indicators, feeds the marketing areas responsible for the channels and helps their decision making.
  • Projects: Responsible for assessing the impacts on the user experience caused by the implementation of IT projects;
  • Support: Responsible for the validation of user journeys in the channels and identification of impacts for them;
  • UX: Responsible for proposing improvements in the channels in order to improve the user experience;

After 12 months of the project, the volume of users accessing digital channels has increased, as well as the evaluation of channels in stores and social networks. In addition, the applications made available by the telco to its users were perceived to be of superior quality compared to their other competitors.

This improvement in the user experience resulted in more revenue from products and services coming from digital channels, as well as a reduction in human service, performed in the call center.