SPMS (Shared Services of the Ministry of Health) is the entity managing the IT of public entities linked to the Ministry of Health, ranging from health centers to hospitals, as well as other entities such as Infarmed. In addition to perform integrated purchases, SPMS also runs dozens of systems across all entities, to book appointments online or to issue electronic prescriptions.


SPMS adopted Atlas as a registration solution and application systems architecture, aiming to monitor all systems as well as their interdependencies, in an effort to conduct impact analysis and comparisons amongst the different entities. For example, which hospitals use a specific solution and what are the dependencies of other systems in each Hospital.


With the Atlas solution, SMPS is capable of managing them from development to production inputs for each system based on the knowledge acquired about the dependencies between the different systems


The Atlas solution helps in reducing the maintenance effort of this entire collection of information because the process of capturing and generating architectural views can be strongly automated, thanks to the flexibility of the Atlas solution both in terms of representation and in terms of integration with other systems


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