MaaS – Mobility as-a-Service in Geneva

Link Consulting develops a multichannel MaaS solution for TPG (Geneva Public Transportation operator) to support the new approach in which the several transportation options are currently used in the metropolitan areas. This concept is disruptive in the sense that it tries to answer to some of the challenges associated with mobility.
The solution involved the evolution of the current ticketing and clients management system as well as the global catalogue solution, all of them also developed by Link Consulting.
An entire new business logic, as well as new sales channels were added, in addition to the extension of the current ones, like the agencies, webshop, etc

The solution aimed to help solving some of the mobility problems:
• The “First- and Last-Mile”, between home and public transportation, and between the public transportation and workplace.
• The coordination between the traditional public transportation (bus, tram, train) and new ways of mobility (car sharing, bikes, “Uber-like”, etc).
• Reduce de usage of private vehicles.
• Provide the enterprises the tools to promote the mobility of their employees.
The solution involved the development or adaptation of the following bricks of the ecosystem:
• Identity Provider – Single Sign-On Provider;
• Ticketing System: Sales, Clients, Communications and notifications, Catalogue Management.
• Tokens management: which includes the business rules, like credits and debits.
• Webshop;
• B2B portal, directed to the enterprises.

From the business perspective it is important to highlight that following offer/pricing options:
• “Mobility Package” – bundle of different modes of transport and which includes a certain amount of Km’s/minutes/tokens which can be used in exchange for a prepaid or postpaid monthly payment.
• « Pay-as-you-go » – invoice the users based o the actual usage of the services.

The products are sold by TPGs under the ZenGO brand.