In line with the ongoing evolution of its product, version 7.4 of edoclink was launched by Link in June. This new version is now enabled to be used on the Google Cloud platform, thus allowing Google customers to use edoclink for managing and optimising their processes.


Edoclink is an integrated and highly customizable Document Management and Business Process Automation solution, developed by Link Consulting, which enables both the dematerialization of administrative tasks and decision-making processes. It features an easy-to-use web interface, available on any device, offering a comprehensive solution that spans all industries and organizations of all sizes.


Accessing the company’s documents and processes anywhere, at any given time, has become particularly important in the context of the current pandemic. As currently most employees work remotely, the dematerialization of processes is a fundamental component and an integral part of the digital transformation process supporting their work. With edoclink, any company can have access to a powerful solution to support its digital transformation.



Edoclink offers a base solution and a set of additional modules, while providing greater coverage and greater flexibility in its implementation, creating a solution unique to each customer.

The current list of customers using the solution extends to various business sectors, public and private, such as Central and Local Public Administration, Health, Education, Insurance, Utilities, and Services.


edoclink’s architecture has evolved in version 7.4 taking advantage of the services offered by the Google Cloud Platform, leveraging the PaaS model for scaling the infrastructure according to needs and, at the same time, manage its operating costs more easily, enabling adjustments to the real workload, which leads to significant savings. With this evolution, Google customers can start using edoclink and take advantage of the following Google Services: Identity and Access Management, Computer Engine VM, SQL Server on GCP, Cloud Storage, Memorystore for Redis, and MongoDB Atlas.


edoclink’s sales model is very flexible. Customers who search for a complete SaaS solution, can buy the full solution from Link, paying a monthly cost based on the number of users and their usage, or, if they prefer, their own Google Cloud instances can be used for installing edoclink.


Powerful, Flexible and Cost-effective. This is edoclink at its best, now running on GCP.